Craig and I work at the markets and sell The Big Issue together. I like talking to people, saying excuse me, asking them if they want to buy a copy of the new edition, having them say yes please or no thanks – it’s good. When it’s quiet, it’s really good to have someone around. So if I’m lonely, if I don’t have anybody to talk to, I’ve got Craig.

It’s a long story, the way we met. It all started when I went to Perth to see my sister and my nephew, and I was there for around two months. I went to watch these people riding dirt bikes with my sister, and Craig was there. We were eating marshmallows, watching the motorbikes, just hanging around. I had a crush on him.

When I came back from Perth, I ran into him at the place where I was living, and we got to talk. I was so happy I found him again. I asked him out, and it’s been quite a while now. We’re happy with each other. It’s really good.

I’ve studied. I did a barista course a long time ago, and after that I ended up doing an animal course in Brunswick. I loved it. I love animals. I learned about dogs and cats and how to care for them. I did a woodwork course too – that went for five Wednesdays. When the coronavirus finishes, I’m thinking of doing a floristry course and a flower arranging course. I also want to do dog walking. I was thinking I’d really like to open my own business with Craig – Vesna and Craig’s Dog Washing. It would be pretty cool to do. He hasn’t done the animal course yet, though.

My mum used to work at a petrol station, and I would help her sometimes – in the deli, with the petrol pump, with the Cabcharges, stocking up stuff in the fridge. It was a way-long time ago. I was doing the night shift and then coming home for school. I’d get so tired. I fell asleep on the bus once – the supervisor had to wake me up.

I finished school in Year 8. I got really behind and I was failing one of the subjects. It was just too much homework. I wagged school, this and that. People at school would pick on me, bully me.

The best thing about selling The Big Issue is when someone buys off you. It’s good because I’ve got regular customers. I use the money to buy groceries and things I need.
I’m hoping me and Craig can live together. We’re on the waiting list for housing now. I want engagement, marriage, kids… I like everything about being with him. He’s funny, and we like doing the same things. We like watching the sprint cars. We watch his shows, my shows. I wanna watch The Simpsons all the time but I still like watching his shows too. The most important things to me are Craig, my family and my friends.

Vesna sells The Big Issue at Flemington Farmers’ Market and St Kilda Market, Melbourne


Interview by Melissa Fulton
Photo by James Braund