I grew up in Adelaide, in the suburb of Payneham. Been there all my life. I went to Payneham Primary School, then went to Marden High. I haven’t lived out of the town.

Growing up, I played cricket locally for my school, and for a couple of years at Payneham Cricket Club. I played soccer for a while. I was with the Payneham footy club a very long time ago, helping with goal umpiring or whatever was needed. I liked it. I liked the communication and being around people most of all.

I lost both my parents within the last three years, so I’ve just got my sister now. My sister and I talk once a week, so we’ve still got that communication there. I’m the quiet type in a big group. I don’t have any pets. I do like pets, but for me to have a pet? Too much work.

Well, I’ve been doing trolley collection at supermarkets for the past 30 years. This is my second time doing The Big Issue. I first came to The Big Issue about nine years ago, then I got employed at a supermarket again. Then approximately six weeks ago, I lost my job and came back, so I’m doing this now.

I get social contact from The Big Issue a little bit. I get communication with the people going past, or people buying the magazine. So the communication’s still there – being out there again.

I’ve been selling at Ted’s Cameras. Now and then I do Adelaide Arcade, or James Place. I’ve been at the railway station this week, and a couple of days at Cibo the coffee shop. It’s been slow so far – it’s a bit hard when it rains. Even though I’m under cover, people just dash by when it’s wet. But people don’t know me on my pitch just yet. I haven’t seen many familiar faces out there, myself.

Outside of work, sometimes I go to the footy, or go out with friends. Apart from that, I just live the quiet life. Day by day – that’s how I take it. I don’t plan two years down the road, or five. I just take it day by day. That’s just me. I don’t set myself too far in front, just in case. It makes it easier for me, and everyone else.

Sometimes, if you plan things in advance, something just derails it. So I think, Nah, I won’t worry about it. I’ll just take it one day, one step at a time.

If I stuff up, I try to make amends for it. I try to make compliments where necessary. Just real basic things like that. I just take it easy.

Ivan sells The Big Issue at Ted’s Cameras, Rundle St, Adelaide

Interview by Aimee Knight
Photo by Craig Arnold

Published in ed#689