The Big Issue reveals new insights in Social Impact Report

The Big Issue has released new organisational insights through the first ever Social Impact report!

The Social Impact report is new research from The Big Issue, that provides an insight into the positive outcomes that engaging with The Big Issue and its many programs creates for those who are directly involved, and those in their immediate and wider communities.

The Big Issue is best known for the fortnightly street magazine, sold on street corners by vendors experiencing homelessness, marginalisation and disadvantage. But The Big Issue also operates other social enterprises such as the Women’s Workforce, Community Street Soccer Program and The Big Issue Classroom.

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Based on surveys from members of The Big Issue community in all these programs, assessing the benefits of working with The Big Issue in areas of income, routine, community and support, the report reveals:

  • 98% of participants have been able to care for themselves better
  • 97% of participants have improved-self confidence
  • 90% have made new friends
  • 88% have been able to eat better food
  • 87% have learned new skills
  • 85% have reduced their need for support from social services or charities

The report also found The Big Issue participants have collectively earned more than $40m since inception of the social enterprise.

James, Community Street Soccer player and guest speaker for The Big Issue Classroom was one of many participants who shared their story for the report.

“I tried to quit booze for more than ten years, but I’d always relapse in my old environment. I lost everything. Playing Street Soccer I met the right friends to help me stay away from it and now I’ve got my own place, I’m studying, I’m working, I feel good about myself.”

CEO Steven Persson says the report provides a snapshot of what happens every time you engage with one of The Big Issue’s programs.

“The Big Issue provides a platform, but it is through the actions of our community that our participants can flourish. For 27 years, the magazines purchased, connections forged with vendors, simple hellos and so much more have changed the lives of some of Australia’s most vulnerable people.

“The Big Issue is a community and part of the scale and success of our organisation. As we reflect on this report, we look to the future and ask for your support as we continue our commitment to social change.

Click here to view the full Social Impact report.