Behind the Campaign: Vendor Peter

Now that NSW vendors are back on the streets, we had a chat to Peter about his time selling and what he thought of his cartoon.

“I’ve been a vendor for seven years, since 2014. Most of the time I sell at the entrance of Kings Cross Railway Station. At Kings Cross I only have to go down the escalators to sell, and I’m undercover. I get straight on the train after I finish.

“Most of the time it’s pretty good. You get times where hardly anyone will buy but then there’s other times when people will come up and buy a magazine. I find it boring when I’m not selling, when I get to sell it’s better.

“I tend to recognise some faces, they don’t always buy but they smile at me if I’ve served them before. There used to be one lady who doesn’t buy much but she’s always friendly. Lots of people walk past me with their dogs, sometimes a dog will try to jump up on me!

“I remember I got a few sales for a past edition (Ed#636, Chooks). It was the chicken edition, and I was wearing one of those chicken things on the top of my cap. It was a picture of a chicken’s face that I clipped up on the back. I think it might have helped me sell a few of the mags.

“The cartoon is good, I remember showing it to a friend of me. He likes doing art, so he likes the artwork and thought it was good. I like it, it’s got me smiling and I look good!”

Be sure to visit Peter at Kings Cross Railway Station to pick up the latest edition and the new 2022 calendar.

Vendor Peter smiling with the Chooks edition of The Big Issue. He has a chicken hat on his red Big Issue hat.Illustration of vendor Peter selling a Big Issue magazine to a business woman. Logo at the top says '25 Years Big'.