Behind the Campaign: Vendor Lynn

Lynn sells at Newcastle Mall and Mayfield Aldi. She took us through her daily routines and what she thought of her cartoon for the 25 Years Big campaign.

“I think the cartoon is pretty cool because I do crochet. I’ve done a painting of me crocheting for my son. I have two sons and I crocheted them each a blanket. I thought it was pretty cool that you’ve put the crocheting in there.”

“I’ve been selling seriously for about eight or twelve months. Before that I was selling as more of a part time thing.

“I sell at Newcastle Mall or outside Mayfield Aldi. At Newcastle Mall they definitely know more about it, they come over and they’ve got their wallets out. But I’ve been introducing myself a lot more. A lot of people come up and ask questions about it (the magazine), or they say no until they realise it’s to look after the homeless or underprivileged.

“When customers pass by, I usually try to fit in a good morning or good afternoon, then I ask if they would like to buy the magazine to support the homeless and underprivileged. They say yes or no and then I say goodbye. They sometimes come back after they’ve done their shopping or if they hear me talking about the magazine to others. People ask how it works and I tell them I make $4.50 on every book I sell, and they’re quite happy with that.

“At the end of the day, I can buy my stuff. When I’m headed home from the shop sometimes you come out and there’s a homeless person and you can give them something. Without The Big Issue I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

Vendor Lynn in her Big Issue uniform holding her vendor profile.