Behind the Campaign: Vendor Jeffrey

For our 25 Years Big celebrations we’re introducing you to the vendors who were transformed into special cartoons for our 25 Years Big campaign. We’ll find out a bit about them, what selling The Big Issue is like, and what they thought of their cartoon.

Jeffrey and his music are all throughout Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne, and St Kilda. He’s been a vendor since 2007, and loves his illustration.

“I like my drawing, it’s perfect, it looks like me! [On pitch] I have my headphones on, but I don’t sing. Sometimes during my breaktime I sing. I like music, any music. I listen to anything, especially Christmas songs, love songs, disco and rnb.

“I enjoy working, I like meeting people. My customers are good people, they always come to me to buy mags. Sometimes they offer me a coffee. Some pay with tap (digital) and some with cash.

“Thank you very much for supporting us and helping us. I want to thank all the people supporting me because your support helped me go on my holiday. I want to thank all my managers Gemma, Alex and Nick for helping me.”

Make sure to visit Jeffrey for a magazine and boogie when selling resumes in Melbourne!

Vendor Jeffery smiling while holding a print out of his illustration.Illustration of vendor Jeffery bopping to music.