Behind the Campaign: Vendor Glenn

Meet Glenn from QLD, one of the featured vendors from our 25 Years Big campaign. Bowling strikes and selling magazines is right up Glenn’s alley, so we had a chat to him about his time with The Big Issue.

“It’s been a while since I started selling. When I first started, we were selling the magazines for $6. I was selling outside Medibank on Adelaide St, but now I sell outside the Victory Hotel on Charlotte St. Sometimes if it’s raining I’ll go there because it’s undercover, or else I sell at GPO.

“I like selling because it’s a bit of extra money in the pocket and I like getting out of the house. When we were in lockdown I was bored out of my brains! I kept on ringing Amanda (vendor support staff) and asking when we are coming back!

“I’ve got a couple of regulars, some of the come past and ask how my day is going. Some come back with a coffee! Usually I have my coffee late when I get home because I live in Ipswich. I’m up at 4 in the morning to get to pitch at 7:30am. If it’s a new edition day I’m there at 7 in the morning.

“I bowl in the league. When I first started the league I couldn’t wait to get a trophy, and now I have nowhere to put them now! I have 125 trophies! My highest score is 247. When I bowled the 247, I bowled about seven strikes in a row. I had a friend come down to watch me and every time I got up to bowl, she said ‘let’s see a strike.’ I said, ‘ok you’re on!’ So I grabbed my ball, stood on the line, threw the ball down and got strikes all the way through.

“I’m going to bowl tonight and get my star of the week from last week. Whoever gets the highest score gets star of the week.”

We think you’re a star too Glenn! Make sure you visit Glenn and pick up a copy of our latest edition.