Behind the Campaign: Vendor Dom

For our 25 Years Big celebrations we’re introducing you to the vendors who were transformed into special cartoons for our 25 Years Big campaign. We’ll find out a bit about them, what selling The Big Issue is like, and what they thought of their cartoon.

Vendor Dom has been selling The Big Issue all around Brisbane and is known for his special customer service and excellent pool playing skills.

“I started selling The Big Issue on 13 January 2010, I’ve been selling for eleven years straight. My first pitch was when I sold in Melbourne outside Young and Jacksons, near Flinders St Station.

“I’ve made a lot of friends in the Queensland office – the staff members and the people who sell the magazine. I say hi to them and I say to the other vendors keep your head up and if people knock you back to come back the next day. You’ll sell more and it gives you confidence, that’s how I look at it.

“I sell every Friday on the corner of Edward and Queens Street outside the Commonwealth bank. On Saturday’s I sell outside H&M and at Broadway on Tuesdays. I try all different kind of pitches, I build them up so they have a good name.

“I have a lot of regular customers. They ask me when the new magazine comes out and they ask me when the calendars come out. They love the calendars because it has when the magazines come out and it’s got stories and photos from each state. I know if they’ve missed out on the magazine in the first week I always save extra in my bag for them. I also get people who come up to me and ask how to sell the magazine, I take them to the office.

“In my spare time I go into big tournaments for pool. In 2017 I got into a team and we came second, I got a trophy and a cup! This year we finished fifth. I love and enjoy it so much.

“I saw it (the cartoon) in the magazine when we turned 25, so I liked selling that edition. The cartoon was a nice character, it looked like me! Craig (from vendor support) showed me and we had a good laugh.

“My heart goes out to all the vendors. You’ll get there in the end, take it day by day.”

Vendor Dom smiling happily on his pitch, holding a print out of his cartoon.

Illustration of vendor Dom with a moustache and pink bum bag.