Behind the Campaign: Vendor Daryl

With his top hat and coat you’ll never miss vendor Daryl selling on the streets of Melbourne. Daryl has been selling The Big Issue for 17 years and was a great fit for our 25 Years Big cartoons.

“I started selling The Big Issue back in Nov 2004. When I return, I’ll be selling around the Northcote and Fitzroy area. I’ll be hoping to return as of next week. I started selling late last year in Northcote. I don’t have any regular customers over there, but I get a few customers now and then to make it worthwhile selling.

“I found The Big Issue when I was walking down Acland St in St. Kilda and I found one vendor. I purchased the magazine and that’s how I found out about selling.

“I’ve seen my cartoon and in fact, I’ve got copies of it and Gemma (vendor support) took a picture of me holding the cartoon. It’s not too bad. It’s enough for people to recognise me.

“Thank you for the support. At this time more than ever, we need your support from buying the magazine because of everything that’s happened with the lockdown. The financial support is very important.”

Vendor Daryl holding a print out of his illustration. He's wearing a top hat and round purple glasses. An illustration of Vendor Daryl, with a cane in one hand and his top hat in another. There's a sparkle in his eye!