A Mother’s Day Message From The Women’s Subscription Enterprise

My name is Soodi and I’ve been working with the Women’s Subscription Enterprise for around two years.

The Women’s Subscription Enterprise is important to me because it means I have a job. When I first started this job I thought I can get back to life. It helps my self-confidence and after work I feel positive and alive. I can sit at home and think about my problems, but when I go out to work I feel positive and think I can do many things. I feel strong.

We pack magazines for different customers, sometimes they are involved with an organisation, or they are individual subscribers. We pack the magazines into envelopes and sign our names on the front, stick the addresses on, count everything and send them off. When I read the magazine, I get lots of information about food, people, culture, many things. You find out about real people, and learn not to judge others.

Because of your support we have a job and can feel good about our lives. When you support us you can make a positive change, and help society to be stronger.

Soodi, The Big Issue’s Women’s Subscription Enterprise, Perth.


Every night more than 46,000 Australian women experience homelessness without safe or secure housing. This Mother’s Day, you have the opportunity to treat your loved one with an excellent fortnightly read while also providing work for women who, like Soodi, have experienced disadvantage and marginalisation.
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