The Big Issue launches 2024 Calendar with special vendor stories

Much-loved social enterprise The Big Issue has released their 2024 Calendar, on sale now from your local vendor!

The 2024 Calendar celebrates The Big Issue community and the powerful bonds between The Big Issue vendors with their local area and regular customers.

The calendar visits vendors all around Australia, including Pat at His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth, Murray at Jamison Park GPO in Canberra, Glenn at Sydney’s Bondi Markets, Teresa at Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, David at Beehive Corner in Adelaide, and Jim at Gold Coast’s Burleigh Heads Beach.

Alongside the beautiful portraits of vendors and their stories, the calendar also features special cartoons from artist Andrew Weldon.

Amy Hetherington, The Big Issue editor, says: “The Big Issue vendors are the heart of their communities. The relationships they create with their regular customers can be as valuable as the income they earn. We’re always enthusiastic about sharing these stories and showing how important these connections are.

“As we head into the festive season, vendors will be selling the calendar alongside the magazine. The calendar makes for a great gift and provides a much-welcome income boost.”

Sydney vendor Glenn agrees. “The income does really help. It’s a bit of extra money in your pocket when you do need it.”

The Big Issue 2024 Calendar is available from vendors around the country for $20. Vendors purchase the calendar for $8 and sell it for $20, earning $12 for every calendar sold. Vendors accept payment via cash, tap & go, or PayID via your banking app.

Pick up a calendar as soon as possible – its days are numbered!


The Big Issue vendors, staff and spokespersons are available for interview. For more information or to confirm media opportunities contact:
Maree Agapitos – Media and Communications Lead | (03) 9663 4533 | 0418 124 190

About The Big Issue:

The Big Issue is Australia’s biggest social enterprise, best known for The Big Issue magazine. Since starting in 1996, more than 14 million magazines have been sold, putting more than $38 million into vendors pockets nationally. Alongside the magazine The Big Issue has additional programs such as the Women’s Workforce, Community Street Soccer Program and Classroom. For more information visit

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