Dune: Part Two

In this edition we head to Arrakis and interview the new spice girls – Zendaya and Florence Pugh – and get the scoop on this year’s biggest blockbuster, sci-fi epic Dune: Part Two. They also talk candidly about social media panic, growing up in the limelight, and why they were scared they’d get fired!

More highlights in this edition:

  • Senior Australian of the Year, educator Yalmay Yunupiŋu, on the importance of local language, taking a stand, and Dr Seuss in in her Letter to My Younger Self.
  • We investigate the gender pain gap in this edition, and the Australian-first enquiry that’s (finally) inviting women to talk about a medical system that has long dismissed and diminished women’s health.
  • For writer Kylie Maslen, shame about her extreme period pain meant she didn’t have the language to talk about it – until she found her people online.
  • In The Big Picture, photographer Marlena Waldthausen travels to a small Brazilian village where the patriarchy simply doesn’t exist – by design.
  • Australia’s newly appointed Children’s Laureate Sally Rippin wants all children to enjoy reading, and is determined to change the system to make that possible.
  • We chat to documentary filmmaker Mitch Nivalis about setting out to capture the Mount Alexander Falcons footy club – only to become a player themselves.
  • US rockers Sheer Mag are happy to be back out among people who want to hear loud rock, in person (the pandemic was pretty illuminating).
  • And author Natalie Paull creates a crunchy, fruity cheesecake inspired by baking royalty. You’ll want to make this one!


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