Tony Armstrong

“I think [my] public persona is actually not too different to my private persona,” says Tony Armstrong. “I dunno – I’m pretty excitable. And I tend to be pretty relaxed about most things.” That said, the man adores a Chiko Roll – so much so, he made a TV show about them, and other unique symbols of Australian culture. “Personally, I love that weird shit,” he says. “[It] binds people together through their unique experience to it.”

With his latest series Great Australian Stuff now screening on ABC TV, we spoke to the irrepressible footballer-turned-presenter about gaffes, goals, and why meat pies are important to the national consciousness.

More highlights in our edition:

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  • Plus, Skye McAlpine shares with – a pastel-pink sweet treat fit for Princess Peach herself – in Tastes Like Home.

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