Tasmanian Tigers

The last-known thylacine died in a Hobart Zoo in 1936 – though the myth and legend around the Tasmanian tiger continues to capture our national imagination. The animal has become a national emblem of Australia’s poor record on animal extinction. Now, a team of scientists from Melbourne Uni are working to bring the thylacine back, using gene editing technology – but at what cost?


More highlights in this edition:

  • Tennis ace John McEnroe talks wild times at Wimbledon in his Letter to My Younger Self.
  • Yorta Yorta composer and soprano Deborah Cheetham AO on her global opus Woven Song, a contemporary chamber series inspired by the vibrant, handwoven Embassy Tapestries.
  • Photographer Isabella Moore joins Bruce Pascoe on his farm in Yuin Country to witness the harvest of mandadyan nalluk or “dancing grass”.
  • The Point host John Paul Janke takes us through NITV’s powerful slate of First Nations dramas, documentaries and live current affairs coverage to mark 26 January.
  • Award-winning author Julie Janson on her new crime novel Madukka the River Serpent, which explores the currents of racism and environmental destruction in Australia.
  • Damien Coulthard serves up his recipe for mouth-watering barramundi poached in Geraldton wax, kunzea flower and lemon myrtle.
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