Issue #667

Space Travel

Few things capture the imagination like space, and the possibilities that exist beyond our own planet. In this edition, we explore the booming space travel industry, which not only promises to send travellers to the Moon and beyond, but also allow us to fly anywhere on Earth in less than an hour. And that’s only the beginning…


Also in this edition:

  • The race into space is in full flight, but are we doomed to make the same environmental mistakes we’ve already made on Earth?
  • Actors Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer tell us about the joys of reuniting with director Jordan Peele for new UFO horror flick Nope.
  • In her Letter to My Younger Self, singer Marcia Hines talks Woodstock, Hair and moving to Australia as a 16-year-old.
  • Photographer Giacomo d’Orlando visits Nemo’s Garden – the world’s first underwater greenhouse off the coast of Italy that is revolutionising the future of agriculture.
  • Singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin tells us about writing her third album Pre-Pleasure while travelling on Route 66, with a Prague orchestra playing her music over the phone.
  • Norwegian crime novelist Jo Nesbø reveals he was a footballer, a financial analyst and a rock star before finding literary success with his Harry Hole detective series.
  • Writer Jessie Tu pens an ode to the school library – a sanctuary to bookish kids the world over.
  • Over a pint at the pub, writer Cadance Bell is reminded of somebody that she used to know.
  • Plus, Julia Busuttil Nishimura shares her recipe for delicious Ricotta and Orange Olive Oil Cake.

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