Muppet Mayhem

“It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights…” In this edition, we sit down with six real-life Muppets in what turns out to be a fun and, at times, chaotic interview! We speak to Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem about their new TV show, friendship, music and nostalgia – and we look at the positive power of the Muppets.

More highlights in our edition:

  • Canadian crooner Michael Bublé talks about his two great loves – his family and his music – in his Letter to My Younger Self, ahead of his Australian tour.
  • What can artificial intelligence tell us about the way we look at homelessness? And how we can do better?
  • Award-winning actor Elle Fanning on the serious business of silliness and how she keeps a straight face on the set of historical Russian romp The Great.
  • Australian poet Sarah Holland-Batt on her Stella Award-winning book The Jaguar, an intimate and tender poetry collection inspired by her father’s death.
  • Canberra musician Shoeb Ahmad reveals her new dream-pop album was born out of a break-up – and watching the Tour de France.
  • Writer Joseph Earp pens an ode to an unsung hero: the bin chicken.
  • In The Big Picture, photographer Isaac Kirby takes us to the Ballarat Swap Meet where locals turn trash into treasure.
  • Plus, Brooklyn-based foodie Alison Roman shares her recipe for Cottage Cheese Cake With Rhubarb in Tastes Like Home.

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