Issue #660

How Much?

How much will it cost to save the planet? The price tag is around US$50 trillion. Sure, it sounds like an inconceivable sum – but it’s not impossible. In this edition, we break down the global expenses involved in reducing the impacts of climate change – and discover it’s actually a pretty small price to pay.

“I’ve gone from homeless, sleeping rough, to home owner hardly sleeping,” says Gary, a Lismore resident who’s all but lost his home in the recent floods. “I am now in a position where I’m homeless with a mortgage.”

Also in this edition:

  • From fire to flood to the pandemic, climate-related disasters are compounding Australia’s housing crisis. And it’s those living on the margins who are bearing the brunt.
  • Director and actor Leah Purcell on reinventing Henry Lawson’s tale The Drover’s Wife as a First Nations cinematic thriller.
  • Rapper Denzel Curry is certain that if you’re not a Denzel Curry fan now, you will be once you hear his new album.
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan talks about getting the Goon Squad back together for The Candy House, her new collection of experimental short stories.
  • In Letter to My Younger Self, author Christos Tsiolkas talks about finding himself in writing, his love of family, and righting a long-regretted wrong.
  • Photographer Ciril Jazbec takes us to the peaks of the Himalayas to document an ingenious solution to a pressing environmental problem: water shortage.


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