Issue #666

Farewell Neighbours

“Neighbours was about two things: love and family,” says Lisa, a super-fan of the Aussie soap, which is coming to an end after 37 years. “It’s really hard. This show has been part of my life forever.
In this edition, we go behind-the-scenes of the finale, take one of the final tours of Ramsay Street, and look back at the show that launched the careers of Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Russell Crowe, Margot Robbie and many more…


Also in this edition:

  • In his Letter to My Younger Self, Dinesh Palipana reveals how a car accident left him with quadriplegia, and what it took for him to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.
  • Photographer Klaus Pichler explores the world of cosplay, introducing us to ordinary people and their extraordinary costumes.
  • Writers Lisa Walker and Vin Maskell remind us of the community and value of good real-life neighbours.
  • French director Eric Gravel on bringing an action-thriller tension to his film about a single mum managing everyday crises.
  • Sydney singer Alex the Astronaut on sometimes confronting herself with the openness of her own confessional tunes.
  • Melbourne author Chris Womersley revisits one of Australia’s biggest art-heist mysteries in his new novel The Diplomat.
  • Writer Jess Ho peels back the layers of love in a simple plate of food.
  • Plus, One Handed Cooks’ Jessica Beaton shares a recipe for soul-nourishing Lemony Chicken and Risoni Soup.

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