Issue #664


We are all shook up over Elvis Presley! The King of Rock’n’Roll is certainly having a moment: Baz Luhrmann’s new Elvis biopic is in cinemas (and in our mag); the Graceland exhibition is bringing crowds to Bendigo; and, well, let’s face it, Elvis’ sound, his style and his story will always be on our minds.


Also in this edition:
  • Elvis director Baz Luhrmann and the film’s star Austin Butler reveal how they channelled the King of Rock’n’Roll…in Queensland.
  • Elvis impersonator extraordinaire Jack Gatto dons his blue suede shoes and tells us what it’s like to be The King for a day.
  • In The Big Picture, we join Sophie Matterson on her camel trek across Australia.
  • Sydney band Body Type embrace anarchy (and meat), release a record and hit the road to shred all around the country.
  • Memoirist Akuch Kuol Anyieth shares her refugee story – in the hope that others look beyond it.
  • When FOGO made writer Colin Varney housebound during COVID, he turned to professionals for help.
  • Plus, Sophie Hansen delivers what must be an iconic Australian cake if ever there was one: Milo Cake!

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