Issue #635

Dr Karl

Is it possible to save the planet? Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says yes!
In this edition, everyone’s favourite scientist reveals it’s not too late to stop – and even reverse – climate change. He tells us just what needs to be done to reduce our carbon footprints and return greenhouse gas levels to what they were in the mid- to late-20th century.

“Change is always a little messy,” Dr Karl writes. “But the current and future dangers and costs from climate change are truly horrendous.
We have to change.”

Also in this edition
  • Climate anxiety is on the rise, reports Natasha Moldrich, especially among young people and those who’ve experienced extreme weather events.
  • Photographer Sean Gallagher visits the tiny Pacific nation of Tuvalu to find a nation under threat from rising sea levels.
  • In an uncertain world, the effects of climate change make having a child even more complex, writes Sian Prior.
  • Claudia Karvan talks growing up in a Kings Cross nightclub, being a bookish teenager and learning to be an aerobatic pilot in her Letter to My Younger Self.
  • First Cow director Kelly Reichardt talks about her softer, warmer western, where cowboys shoot the breeze, darn socks and bake cakes.
  • Hospitalised with COVID, singer Jaguar Jonze kept on writing, finishing off her new EP Antihero – and releasing colouring books.
  • Writer Anwen Crawford takes the road less travelled with her new book, a zine-like memoir about friendship and grief.
  • In Tastes Like Home, Aim Aris shares her recipe for and family memories of Char Kuey Teow, a mouth-watering Malaysian wok-fried noodle classic.


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