Chris Hemsworth

“I have very vivid, nostalgic memories of sitting around with my dad watching Mad Max and talking about the cars and the motorbikes,” says Chris Hemsworth, Furiosa’s road ragin’ villain. “Years later, to be part of that world, was an incredible pinch-yourself moment.” In this edition, we go inside this rampaging Aussie blockbuster with Hemsworth, his co-star Anya Taylor-Joy and director George Miller.


More highlights in this edition:
  • When it comes to paying for groceries, a haircut or a new pair of shoes, just six per cent of point-of-sale transactions in Australia are now made with cash. But where does our cashless world leave people without digital access?
  • In his delightful Letter to My Younger Self, actor Stephen Curry talks big hair, big families and his big break with The Castle.
  • The Big Picture: Chilean photographer Tamara Merino has spent a decade documenting communities living underground, a project that began in Coober Pedy, SA.
  • Love bite, love bleeds in Interview With the Vampire, the series based on Anne Rice’s books. We speak to the stars – including Australian actor Sam Reid – on the supernatural second season.
  • R&B Milan Ring on her ulterior motive for calling her upbeat, romantic new album Mangos.
  • Poet Kaveh Akbar tells us why writing his novel Martyr!, an existential comedy, was “a way of putting your hands in the sock puppets”.
  • In Ozzities, we go behind the history of the great Australian car classic: the Shitbox Rally.
  • Chelsea Goodwin still remembers her first bowl of tasty rich minestrone soup. In Tastes Like Home, she shares her own comforting, delicious and economical take on the Italian dish.


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