A.I. Pets

Meet your new best friend! We’re heading bark to the future thanks to the rise of super cute – and increasingly lifelike – robotic pets. In this edition, we dig into the growth of the robodog industry, where artificial intelligence might yet alleviate Australia’s loneliness epidemic, fur real.

More highlights in our edition:

  • Vendors Murray from Canberra, MBK from Melbourne and Cindy from Adelaide introduce us to their furry (and feathery) friends.
  • Writer Mark Brandi reflects on the love, loss and legacy of his beloved dog Millie.
  • In The Big Picture, Lottie Hedley peeks behind the curtain at Hawkes Bay Coffin Club – and finds it surprisingly life-affirming!
  • Sharp suited stand-up Rhys Nicholson talks money, comedy and judging Drag Race Down Under alongside RuPaul in their Letter to My Younger Self.
  • Aussie filmmaker Garth Davis (Lion) chats about directing Paul Mescal and Saoirse Ronan in his genre-bending sci-fi thriller Foe.
  • Drummer Daniel Twomey reveals why he and his jangle folk compadres in Lower Plenty aren’t in any rush to hit the big time.
  • Cartoonist, journalist and national treasure Kaz Cooke strips back the myths and taboos shrouding menopause.
  • And in Tastes Like Home, Martin Benn shares his recipe for Foolproof Braised Chicken, Capers and Olives.

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