50 Years of AC/DC

Back in November 1973, brothers Angus and Malcom Young formed a band. That band was AC/DC. Their first gig was on New Year’s Eve in Sydney. Shortly after, Bon Scott came on board. An Australian legend was born. They went on to become the biggest rock band the world has ever seen. And they’re still rocking – 50 years on!

More highlights in our edition:

  • Tana Douglas was just 16 when she moved into a share house with AC/DC. She was their housemate and their roadie, and she had a front-row seat to their road to world domination.
  • Rocker Joan Jett was also just 16 when she founded her radical all-girl band The Runaways in the 1970s. As she reveals in her Letter to My Younger Self, she’s still smashing the vinyl ceiling.
  • Ahead of the Voice to Parliament referendum, reporter Karla Grant travels to Norway to see how a similar model, the Sámi Parliament, has worked for 34 years.
  • We speak to the makers of ABC’s hit drama The Newsreader, as the new season delivers all the news headlines (and big hair) from 1987.
  • Melbourne singer-songwriter Angie McMahon reveals how therapy, the pandemic and a surprising dancefloor sample led her back to the studio.
  • In The Big Picture, photographer Philip Gostelow visits the ochre plains of Western Australia, home to ASKAP, one of the world’s most powerful radio telescopes.
  • Children’s author and illustrator Anna Zobel channels the terror of Year 7 and the horrors of school camps into her new YA novel.
  • In our new back page column Ozzities, we look at controversial history of the Speedos.
  • Plus, Richard Makin serves up his vegan version of Mac’n’Cheese.

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