Vendor David’s Perth Travel Guide

Voyage in the Clouds

It was Monday morning on 16 November 2020. I got up at 2.40am. It was cool, but it wasn’t freezing. I gave myself 20 minutes to get ready, then headed the five kilometres to the airport. At 3.45am approximately 30 of us boarded the bus, headed to the paddocks. We were going to get on a hot air balloon in. We had a briefing about safety (you know, the dos and don’ts). Don’t drink too much coffee or tea in the morning. There was a bit of organisation in setting up the balloon. The big fans they use were unbelievable, but they can be dangerous.

When 5am came, we were allowed to get into the balloon. It took off and headed straight towards the trees. I thought to myself this does not look good. But we got above the trees. To get up in the air and watch the sun rise – that was the highlight of the day. The views of the land and the train line were amazing to see from the air. I don’t need to rush and do it again, but it’s worth the experience. I felt really relaxed and comfortable up in the hot air balloon.

If you haven’t been in a hot air balloon, it’s best when you have a perfect day – make sure you check the weather ahead. Once in the hot air balloon it can be very warm, so depending on what month you go you don’t need to wear layers of clothing – but make sure you wear shoes that are enclosed. They advise you not to take any bags or selfie sticks, only phones and cameras are allowed.

The landing was excellent. After packing up the balloon, we headed into town for a champagne breakfast, and the pilot did a toast with a few words. Anyway, if you need some adventure, try hot air ballooning – an experience that you’ll never forget.


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