Stories with Impact: Understanding hardship through lived

Stories with Impact is a brand-new program by The Big Issue, designed for businesses to creatively educate staff and improve their confidence in interacting with clients or customers experiencing hardship and disadvantage.

Participants will learn of the causes and impacts of homelessness and disadvantage in Australia, and how to consider these things when working with colleagues, clients or customers. We will share our approach to identifying and managing hardship in diverse cases, and equip participants with practical tools that they can use in their role. Participants will also hear from a guest speaker with first-hand insight into homelessness and disadvantage.

Stories with Impact is an invaluable experience that delivers positive social outcomes and impact, building empathy, collaboration and other real-world skills that can’t be learnt at a desk. Workshops can be tailored to suit different needs and businesses, can be delivered online or in-person, and provides a paid work opportunity for a guest speaker experiencing disadvantage.