The Big Issue Classroom Continues Offer for VIC Schools

The Big Issue Classroom is continuing their partnership with the Victorian Government to offer free access to a learning experience with a difference.

The Victorian Government has extended their offer of funding access to The Big Issue Classroom for Victorian state schools during term three. This offer now allows both Victorian state primary and secondary schools to receive a free workshop with The Big Issue Classroom, in either a digital eClassroom or face to face format.

The Big Issue Classroom is a simple, interactive and age-appropriate way for students to learn about homelessness and disadvantage, and speak with someone who has experienced homelessness first-hand. The online eClassroom has been a longstanding option for schools in remote areas who cannot attend face-to-face workshops, and is now an alternative for schools that are teaching online.

Through discussion and activities students reflect on the causes and results of homelessness, the importance of resources and community, and their own choices, circumstances and support networks.

The Big Issue CEO Steven Persson says: “We are excited to have the continued support of the Victorian Government to help us bring The Big Issue Classroom workshops to primary and secondary students across Victoria.

“With this support, more students will be able to gain real life insight into the causes and impacts of homelessness, while creating valuable paid work opportunities for speakers experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.”

Every Classroom booked provides a shift of work for a guest speaker experiencing disadvantage. Guest speakers are paid for their time, so every opportunity to work ensures a meaningful income for Australians doing it tough. Since starting in 2009, The Big Issue Classroom has created more than 7,000 guest speaker opportunities.

The Big Issue Classroom is linked to Australian and state curriculums, and can be tailored to suit different subjects and learning areas. Our online eClassroom sessions are simple to join – suitable for students joining individually from home, as well as a class connecting as a group from their classroom.

To make your booking or find out more information, please visit our website at